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Welcometo Advanced Acoustic Consultants & Labatories Singapore:

Welcome to Advanced Acoustic Consultants & Labatories Singapore. We specialize in advanced acoustic technolgies and implementation works for residential acoustic works, commerical acoustics, industrial acoustics, environmental asoustics and off shore acoustic projects.
Our aim is to provide clients with the best acoustic products and services following the most recent break throughs in technolgy and the advancements in science.

Acoustics practices in relation to the sculpting of sound is a scientific disapline and not something as simple as many amater consultants take for granted. Poor understanding and lack of knollegde and experties leads to the inevitable faiour and poor performance of results in most projects we have encounered that has lead us to form this company to ensure that the industry standards are preserved and the select few companyies and consultants that practice profensionally and athically can contine to breath new life into the industy.

Understanding the nature of sound propergation, The fundermentle princlibles of waves and how energy travels, reflects, refracts, resinates and transits through mediums is intgral to the day-to-day works of an Acoustic Consultant & an Acoustic Engineer or Scientest.
We follow through Scientific priniclbes and physics with firm graps of experience to effectivly help our clients no matter what requirments they may have.

The Six Steps from Start to Finish for Acoustic Consultancy & Noise Mitigation:

Advanced Acoustics belive that there are 6 main steps of standard operating procedure (STP) in affective noise control. The 6 steps are Consultation, Investigation, Design, Speicify, Build and lastly Testing & Commisoning.

We are able to offer in part or as a complete solution
from the beggining Acoustic concepualiztion to the final stages of testing and comissioning. In most cases different parts of the process are required and maybe not a complete path such as when clients require Noise Assessment Surveys, Noise Monitoring or Design processes.

Our Acoustic Works:

Our Acoustic work coverers environmental Acoustics such as construction site noise, factory noise and boundary noise issues. It also coveres noise mitigation of night clubs and soundproofing designs to mitigate the problems caused from them. We also deal with the design aspects of projects from the conception stage into the acoustic layout plans and 3d visualization which is normally improtant when designing an auditorium, cinema, shopping mall, music studio schools, train station or offices to name just a few.

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Ancient Acoustics
Greek Amphitheater:
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Enviromental Acoustis
The sound of an aeroplane:
It means many things to people but what about our health?
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Advanced Acoustics
Break Through:
Acoustic cloaking device hides objects from sound.
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Acoustics & Soundproofing
Understanding More:
The difference between acoustic control and soundproofing.
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Acoustic Scanning
Indoor Acoustics:
How to map a room using software.
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More about us - The Advanced Acoustics Consultants

Our work takes us into fields such as enviromental acoustics such as noise barriers and public space enviromental acoustic reverberation control. It also takes us into cinerma and theatre spacial acoustic design and balancing. We also deal with home hi-fi enthusasts that are looking to create or improve their home audio visual experience and improve the acoustics of their rooms to allow them to experience the optimal performance of their audio speaker acoustics.

Another field that we are very interested in is Acoustic Testing in our inhouse labatory whereby we provide Sound Transmission Coeficant tests for products, Noise Reflection Testing, Reverberation Time testing and decibel performance tests. Our Acoustic Labaratory features an Anacoic Chabre and a Soundproofed Chamber built for us by NoiseStop System Singapore.
Our levels and standards of testing is very high and we always adopt a specialized quality control measure by using third party verification process to ensure that our results are irivocable precise.