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Acoustic Curtains :

At some point in time you will have visited the cinema or the theatre and noticed in most cases curtains draped at the sides of these space. These are Acoustical curtains. The purposes of the curtain is to remove the unwanted echo and reverberation in environment and to restore better acoustic balance which leads to better acoustic quality of sound.

Advanced Acoustics Acoustical Curtains are designed to complement professional cinema environments, Theaters and auditorium. The curtains are also perfect for private use in home cinema rooms, reference quality audio listening rooms and music practice room. Which now now makes up for 40% of our local and international sales.

Our curtains are often used in event spaces, schools beauty spas and hotels to create better acoustic environments free of unwanted sound reverberations giving our clients a much better peacefuller and calmer atmosphere.

There has been a steady increase in demands on our curtains in the last 10 years and what was once an unique requirement from clients for acoustic curtain usage has turned into part of our daily lives and in-fact an essential requirement for typical architectural environments.
This can be attributed through modern minimalism design trends and the increased use of reflective surfaces in interior construction.

Take the photo above of a clients residential dwelling, the floors are smoothed timbre floors with high varnish finish and the walls are marble. The environment without the acoustical curtains is uncomfortable for use as a musical space or a home cinema room. Once the acoustical curtains had been installed the balance in the room was achieved and the room was usable.

Typically in order to increase the sound absorption performance of the acoustic curtain there will be an increase in materials needed, variety of materials and overall depth of materials combined, thus an increase in the overall weight of the curtain will result.
As such the highest performance curtains will required specialist hanging methods and also depending on the results required for each of our projects the type of curtain shaping style will also have an impact on the performance and effect.

Above you can see different types of pleating folds that when used with reflection pleating will create diffusion and refraction of sound which ultimately contribute to an Advanced Acoustic Curtain system.