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Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd Terms and Conditons of engagment standard contract:

Herein are Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd standard Terms and Conditions for egangement that apply when you engage / appoint us.

Upon the engagement / appointment of our company for your project it will be consider that the confirmation will act as mechanism of law for both parties entering a legally binding contractual agreement between ourselves “Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd” and yourselves our client.

The engagement / appointment can be done so by Email, SMS, WhatsApp, In-writing or any other such recorded form of communication.

The basic contract sum for our award shall be accepted as the budget figure that you pledged to us for us to use at our disposal. This would be done so by you emailing, SMS’ing, WhatsApp’ing, writing to us or any other such recorded form of communication indicating the budget figures of spending for the project.

The basic contract sum quantum is agreed as the minium pledged spending amount for us to use to carry out the works provisioned for or as specified / designed by us. It does not included our professional fees and time.

If our professional fees are not stated clearly in a letter of undertaking that we may or may not provide or if provided by us in conjunction with correspondence between parties the following conditions then apply.

Our professional fees that would cover consultation, meetings at our office, meetings at your preferred locations, site inspections, tool box meetings, telephone meetings, conceptualizations, specifying, designing, advice, drawings, BQ, Estimations, Quotations, Reports, Surveys, endorsements, testing, reviews, appointing other parties, managing other parties, Research, expenses, travel but not limiting;

would be calculated at the discretion of you the client based upon the average industry market practice fees:-

It is agreed that this figure can be calculated by either using The Building Control Athority Quantity Surveyor'ss Standard Rates for the current year,

Or by requesting for a quotation for the same nature of services from Arup Consultants Pte Ltd and / or alternativly CCW Associates Pte Ltd and using the lower figure if contacted both parties as the amount applicable as the rate of our profesional fees.

Advanced Acoustics Pte ltd shall have complete discretion over the choice of products, brands, companies and contractors it uses to carry out the contract fabrication, supplier of materials but not limiting.

Advanced Acoustics Pte ltd shall also have the discretion over appointment of parties to undertake works, purchase, ordering and indenting of materials especially when doing so will ensure that the you / client’s project timeline would be affected if otherwise.

Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd is part of the NYTC Group organization. It’s preferred brand of products are The NoiseBlock brand which is manufactured by NoiseStop Systems Singapore which is a member of the same group. The main reason for this is simply because NoiseBlock products performance is superior to local brands and in-fact other brands on the market at the same price, which is understood and agreed.

It is often the case that Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd are able to carry out both the design and build for undertaken project however should the need arise Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd are able to request for other companies to carry out the build aspect of the project.

Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd preferred contractors are BESTBuild Pte Ltd for projects which have budget constraints or low budgets as BESTBuild Pte Ltd is a member of the NYTC group and as such is in a much better positon to carry out such works at a much better rate.

For instances whereby after review Advanced Acoustics felt that a need for more separate business diversion was needed which is usually in the case for large tender projects Constructivity Pte Ltd would then be Advanced Acoustics preferred choice of contractor.

For instances whereby a very high level of open award would be required at the discretion of Advanced Acoustics it would carry out an ITQ and invite a selection of no less than 3 companies to quote for the works and also invite BESTBuild Pte or it's selfs to partisipate. On the basis that either BESTBuild Pte Ltd or Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd was able to do the works and meet the Key Performance Criteria and the price was able to be to be within the budget provided by the client at the engagement stage. Then it can be clearly understood and agreed upon that there would be no given reason as to why not allow for BESTBuild Pte Ltd or Advanced Acoustics Pte Ltd to carry out the works.

If at anytime whatsoever you our client wishes to terminate our services abruptly then this would be considered as breach of contract and you would be obligated to make payment for the total project fee.

At the discretion of Advanced Acoustics Pte ltd, the company would have the option to write to you a letter “Re Proposal for Exit-Agreement” which would outline our offer for a an exit contract that if accepted would allow for a win-win settlement for both sides. On confirmation and completion of such the contract would then be considered as rendered and compete.

Should the country that this contact work site be not in Singapore then for the avoidance of doubt:- This contract is in accordance with The Republic of Singapore Law and jurisdiction.

6.3 Rates
Our standard rates unless stated otherwise are as follows below.
$300 Per hour - Hourly rate for small scale projects not exceeding $20,000.00
$177 Per hour - Hourly rate for projects above $20,000.00
Unless otherwise stated our rates are specifically charged against the consultant attached to your project, these rates do not include additional costs for other personnel used ad-hoc for your project, for more information please ask for a quote or call us.
Our standard rates are as follows below.
$300 Per hour - Hourly rate for small scale projects not exceeding $20,000.00
$177 Per hour - Hourly rate for medium size projects above $20,000.00

In the event that there are no times sheets recorded for medium project sizes there is an alternative fixed sum rate of $77,000.00 as a base rate for projects.

All designs remain the intellectual property rights of AA or the individual designer always. Should you wish to terminate the consultancy, engage others, change our scopes of works. You would not be permitted to use this I.P without our express permission and there may or may not be costs for such and we may or may not be agreeable to transfer ownership.

The company reserve the right to make changes and alterations of these terms and conditions from time to time and it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with our terms.