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Green Screen TV Studio Construction:

The above photograph is our project to design and build a international broadcasting standard tevision recording studio for Maventus Media in Singapore. The facilty featured a true infinity wall using chroma green for the keying out colour, LED Lighting, an edit suite and control room along with all the perks that you would expect in a facilty of this level.

As well as the Green Screen Infinity Wall we are also able to provide in Blue Screen which is more suited for talking head in our opinion and is un-common to be used in Singapore.

As well as the construction of the facity including the shell comprising of the soundproofing and acoustic aspects we also deal with the equipment aspect of the build from the lighting, the lighting rig, the cameras, microphones and the computer equipment and software.

These days, video recording, post production editing and special effects dont require the mass amounts of equipment and racking units as in the old days. Everything is controled digigally with digital software and prosess units. There really is no need to install tons of junk unless you are looking for a nostagic atmosphere; which in some case techy's just want to show off the gear that they have built up over the years that they cant part with.

Below you can see one of NTC Studios working studio in Singapore. We were involved in the Design and build of this space which is fully soundproofed, acoustically treated and fitted with the current industry standard LED Lighting.

We understand that the space is constantly backdated in its bookings because of the large with stage that it offers. Aside from this studio build we have been involved and worked on a wide selection of projects.

Some of our clients include:

● Mediacorp

● Maventus Media International Broadcasting Standard Television Studios Singapore

● Rediffusion Green Screen, TV & Radio Recording Studios Singapore

● B&W Singapore

● The Green Screen Recording Studio Singapore

● Hoods Inc TV Studio

● The Vocal Studios

● Alias Studios

● Wunderman

● RedCard TV

● Heart of God







For more information please call our acoustic hot-line.