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Gym Acoustics Singapore:

Gyms have progressed a lot over the last 10 years and the trend now in megatropolises is to make gyms the places for adrenaline junkies & punkies to get there thrills after a growling day in the city hustle and bustle.

What makes a an awesome gym? High Energy Action workouts, Amplified electronic music like hard house or techno powered through a nightclub area sound system with bass that you can feel pulsating through your entire body. Team that up with hypnotic lighting, strobes in an Acoustically spectacular environment, fully noise isolated to keep the energy inside the room and not out… And you have it, a money making, profiteering 100% rating on Instagram and 100k of follows gym lifestyle fitness centre.

Acoustics, Acoustics, Acoustics is a complete must if you want your zone to sound right and feel right. Our expertise in this field ensures you get the build right the first time without the heartache of having to rip the place apart after your ID of sound guy didn’t provide the results that met yours and your customers expectations.