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Home Acoustic Solutions:

Home Acoustics focuses on the realisation of what a home environment means to you the client. (Sound is persepural)
What we want in our homes are different depending on a variety of peronsal factors and it depends on our natural locaional environment, it depends on the design of home that we want, the materials that we use and the functionality of what we want in our homes.

Typically in condominum appartments that are in dense populated commuting areas they share acoustic channeling problems in the dwelling themselves and the localized environment.

Here at Advanced Acoustic we are able to address these problems and intergrate acoustic solution systems seamlessly into your home building structures to harmonize and bring peace into your properties.

Some of the Acoustic services that we provide for homes are:
Acoustic Renovation Packages
Acoustic Ceilings
Acoustic Balconys
Acoustic Home Cinema installation