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Hospital Acoustics in Singapore & Surounding Countries:

Hospitals are one of the most important spaces that need advanced acoustic treatments that are not only cost effective, but they provide exceptional results. This often will leave many specialists out of the picture when being choices for hospitals to use as their service provided due to the hospitals having pre-existing bad experiences with how there spaces have been designed in terms of acoustics in the past.

Advanced Acoustics offer a different view point and solution basis that differs significantly from the current approach that is practiced in the industry. We designs health environment with patents well-being in focus and chaos theories butterfly effect on the negative impact of noise from each dynamic view point of the users.

Secondly we follow a very unconventional approach to the specification of materials, vendors, contractors and workmen. Which is that rather than look to work with a large-scale construction firm or large-scale project management team in-order to build the project. We focus on assisting the client to work with the actual skilled sub-contractors that are the final link in the chain and in fact the actual persons who are carrying out the works.
This in conjunction with the client then appointing a freelance project manager results in the client removing massive overheads which then gives us the Acoustic Team the budget to then create spectacular acoustically friendly environments without having to compromise and more importantly at the entire build costs is now at least 4-5 times cheaper.