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Office Acoustic Solutions:

Acoustics in your office are much more important than you would think. In-fact offices without any thought gone into the acoustic envirnment often lead to disasterous outcomes after the renovation is completed. This then extends to various aspects of the companies business including: reduced productiviy, high levels of stress, comunication breakdowns, distractions, lack of focus and in some cases depression.

Externally the impact of poor acoustically environments create a number of problems when business invite customers and vendors into the environment. This can be seen in a number of ways: meetings become less constructive, negotations become more tense and stressfull with less posative results, comuincation breakdowns and more frequenty missunderstanding.

Here at Advacned Acoustics Singapore we are able to provide Acoustic Solutions that can bring back harmony to your office environment and provide the acoustic reinforcment and balance that you need.

Identification of the problem:

Some of the ways that we can identifty and address the acoustic imerfections of your office are through investigation of the site, acoustic testing of you office space to measure the echo, reverberation, clarity of speachand of course; even better to plan and design the acoustics of your office before you even build the place or confirm the interior design.

Scienctific Abstract of Office Acoustics:

The main question when dealing with office acoustics is, what is the desired outcome for an offices acoustic environment?

An office should have a naterual acoustic environment that balances the the volumetric capacity of the space and the auditory perception prespective of the actual phisicall reality of the same. The introduced objects and semi-partitioning of this space shoud not introduce increased reflection points or dopalganger reflections to change the auditory perception prespective.

We are able to install Acoustic systems into the space to control the interior design installation componants and orginal affecting componants in order to create a natural state of acoustic reality.

Currently on the market follow there is a missguided generalization oneway thinking process of installing absorption panels into spaces without any calculation being carried out of design maping whatsoever and unfortanty their is a market concept not only in Singapore but worldwide that one size fits all with acoustic panels. This couldn't be further from the truth of what is needed.