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Professional Recording Studio Acoustic Architectural Solutions:

In current times within the music industry we find ourselves with a multitude of difference acoustic service providers all of which with their own products, brands and services that will delivery to us a world class recording studio facility.
Which with the advancement of freely accessible communication available to all through the Internet and the fast amounts information being available for all with little to know policing of the credibility of this information creates disinformation.

This has led to dramatic reduction in the acoustic quality of recent recording facilities worldwide over the last ten years. In all case the noise isolation performances in the majority of these modern studios is poorer in comparison to studios built in the eighties. In turn the Acoustic Control measures also evidently have been compromised. This from our research is largely due to interior design companies and audio specialists taking over the rolls of Acoustician or Noise Dr’s as they sometimes get referred as.

Advanced Acoustics remain loyal to the ethos of building studio’s without comprise. We ensure that the utmost of care and meticulous attention to every detail is invested into every project we build. This attitude is consistent regardless of the budgets of our clients from small builds to large builds our professionalism and care remains impeccable.

Building an Acoustic driven project requires passion, heart, soul and desire to improve ones self continuously always looking to make the next project even more impressive for our clients.

For more information please contract us today to find out more about how we can design your perfect space.