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Sound Absorption  Curtains :

Sound Absorption Soundproof curtains or sounproof  curtains should not be confused with Acoustic Curtains or normal velvet curtains sold from a curtain company. This confusion is common place in the noise control industry and even more so in specialist markets of curtain suppliers.

Typically curtain suppliers will think that the creation of a soundproof curtain is a simple task and as such will offer standard thick curtains as a authentic soundproof curtain. This becomes more of a concern when the end users have little or no idea of what actually is an athentic soundproof curtain.

One of the princible differences that soundproof curtains have is firslty the material that is being used to fabricate the curtain fabric. The fabric itself plays an important role in blocking out noise and absorption. Typical standardized fabrics that are easyily available like velvet or felt are infact not suitable and must be avoided.
The compositon of the curtain is also a game changer if the layering is not done properly and testing has not been done then its highly likley the curtain will fail.

Advanced Acoustic Soundproof Curtains are made using NoiseBlock Cloth a high density multistrand inter combined years to create a woven fabric that is unlike any other on the market. Then we combined this with various layers of our trade secret membranes and the result is our:

AVG-STL15 Soundproof Curtain