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Acoustic Absorption Panels :

Advanced Acoustics are a specialized orientated think-tank in the world of Acoustic Sciences offering greater flexible solutions through innovative advanced acoustic methodology.

Using our range of specially seclected Acoustic Absorption Panels will result in a peacefull environment for end uses and improve all aspects of mental health and productivley.
Below is a small sample of our range and if you have any specific requires we are also able to produce bespoke custom panels for all your needs.

Acoustic Timber Ceiling Louver Diffuser System 1
300mm x 1300mm x 50mm
This panel is perfect for enviroments wheby you are looking to take advantage of the natural envirment, save cost and blend Acoustic finishes with your interior design conceptions.

The Plank itself at a distance looks very simular to that of a normal louver however on close examination you will find there are some very specific texture and intricate details that create the desired acoustic results.
Sound Wave Diffusion Density Rating (DDR) 1.5/10
Acoustic Timber Ceiling Louver Diffuser System 2
300mm x 1300mm x 50mm
The tighter resolution system offers a higher level of reverberation time reduction in whilst overall diffusion is reduced. This is more suitable for enviroments where music is not used.
Sound Wave Diffusion Density Rating (DDR) 1.5/10
Acoustic Timber Ceiling Louver Diffuser & Reflector System 3
500mm x 1300mm x 25mm
The special characterisitcs of this panel is the abilty for it to be rotated whist install allowing for the acoustics of the ceiling to be changed depending on the final tuning of the room.

This comes in a manual and automated system of control.
Sound Wave Diffusion Density Rating (DDR) 1.5/10
Acoustic Timber Ceiling Louver Absorption System 4
600mm x 1200mm x 55mm
The absorbtion version is specially for situations where the enviroments have high ceilings or very poor control of the acoustics in the area causing high levels of reverberation.
Sound Wave Diffusion Density Rating (DDR) 1.5/10

through mediums is intgral to the day-to-day works of an Acoustic Consultant & an Acoustic Engineer or Scientest.
We follow through Scientific priniclbes and physics with firm graps of experience to effectivly help our clients no matter what requirments they may have.