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Acoustic Consultancy :

Advanced Acoustics is a specialized orientated think-tank in the world of Acoustic Sciences offering greater flexible solutions through innovative advanced acoustic methodology.

The company is an industry leader in the new practices and techniques of Noise Control through Soundproofing, Sound Absorption, Acoustic Control and Anti Vibration.

Advanced Acoustics are artists that sculpture noise to craft into sound, the invisible art works that make people hear the difference in their daily lives and environments. They are also well known for their in creating soundproofing "Rooms so silent you can hear a pin drop™".

Collective Acoustic Consultancy - The Think-Tank Team

One of the most unqiue services that Advanced Acoustic Consultants offer is "The Think Tank Acoustic Consultancy Pool".
We have put a team of experts together from some of the biggest leading organizations worldwide to form a collective consultancy team that is able to offer
unparrelled expertise all in one place, picking the best minds to work together under one roof.

It was not easy to secure contract agreements with the various large scale firms to lease their top consultants on our ad-hoc think-tank projects but it has proven to be one of the best archeivements in modern consultancys.

Our team roster includes:
Acoustic Scientists, Physists, Noise Control Material Chemists, Expert Sound Engineers, Research & Development Acoustic Consultants,
Physco Acoustic Experts to name but a few.
THey range from having 5-20 years of expereince per member and are able to solve any problem that they meet.

Some of the projects that our team specailze in are:
• Acoustic Consultancy management for Railway Station & Airports
• Acoustic Design for shopping malls and cinemas
• Design & Produce bespoke products for specialist acoustic applications
• Acoustic Testing, Noise Monitoring and Reports

Standard Acoustic Consultancy
Our standard inhouse team of consultants deal with the day to day enquireys pertaining to enviromental acoustcis & indoor acoustics. We deal with various
difference project from auditoriums, shcools, gyms, homes, construction site, music rooms and much more.

Our Acoustic Consultancy Services Include:
• General Acoustic Consultancy
• Acoustic Environment Design & Specification
• Acoustic Technical specifications drawings and details to be incorporated into projects
• Acoustic Conceptualization planning and implementation on architectural designs
• Tender, ITQ or Equivalent Design & Specification
• Tender, ITQ or Equivalent proposal evolutions
• Supervision of installations
• Acoustic Testing