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Operable Wall Systems :

When it comes to Operable wall systems there are a fair amount of different brands on the market in Singapore all of which have the technolgy behind th systems imported from overseas.
It is the usual custom for the hardware such as the track, locking system and drop seals to be the items that come from the country of origin whereas the bulk of the system is made up of local found materials.

This can have drastic consiqencies to the performance of the system especially when refereing to Sound Transmission Class (STC) performance figures.

Advanced Acoustics use an 3 party intergrated system that use the hardware technology from MegaMark, Soundproofing construction from NoiseBlock and the Acoustic Control from us (Advanced Acoustics). This tripple collaberation results in the most advanced soundproof operable wall system on the market with results such as STC 65 its not suprising why so many customers want our system.

As you can see from the above photo the soundproof operable wall system comes with a crank method of operating the hardware. We are able to also offer automated systems if required. We also offer a transparent system as well that for the last 5 years was distributed under lience by another company in Singapore.

The above technical drawing shows our best performance system that uses an interlocking system