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Acoustic Doors:

We provide assistance with what many of you reffer to as Acoustic Doors. Actually the term would be more acurate if we were to describe these noise control devices as the following: Soundproof Doors, Soundproofing Doors, Soundproof Door, Soundproofing Door, Noise Control Doors, Noise Control Door, Noise Controling Door to name but a few descriptive ways to describe these doors.

Acoustic Doors refferes more to a door with some kind of infulance in Acoustics mabye in a longer form Acoustic Controling Door or Acoustically Treated Doors. This labeling would sugest that the door has been designed with the idea in mind to affect the way that sound waves come into contact with the object itself. So the idea would be more for improvement of acoustics within a room or area by way of installation of an Acoustic Door to ensure that the room would not have a unbalance of acoustic treatment on the side whereby a doorway was required.

Who makes good Soundproofing Doors in Singapore?
One of the best manufactures of Soundproofing Doors in Singapore if not the world would be NoiseBlock provided by NYTC International in Singapore. The NoiseBlock Soundproofing Door series are some of the best doors that we have specified or used in our projects. There doors provide much higher levels of sound reduction in comparison to that of other doors on the market and in terms of cost they are also one of the best value doors on the market.

Many people think that a soundproofing door is either a french style weatherproof glass door or a timber door with thermal insulation installed this has lead to an industy or companies copying each other in desgn concepts and then the result of where we are now being that only one or two companies that are able to make an authentic soundproofing door.

Where can I get a good Acoustic Door in Singapore?
Advanced Acoustics provide the best Acoustic Doors in Singapore and are not comparible to anything else on the market, our doors when installed in our Adacanced Acoustic Control system are able to blend into our acoustic panel walls and ensure the room that they are installed in are properly balanced and give perfect acoustic harmony for our clients.

We have a choice of different doors available and such with all our ranges are very specific in there model and performance.

Our Range of Acoustic doors are as follows:

Noise Control Door Range available through Advanced Acoustics
Product Description Material Type Rating    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Timber Door RD 40 Timber 40 Reduction Difference (RD)    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Timber Door RD 55 Timber 55 Reduction Difference (RD)    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Timber Door RD 65 Timber 65 Reduction Difference (RD)    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Glass Door RD 40 Glass 40 Reduction Difference (RD)    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Glass Door RD 55 Glass 55 Reduction Difference (RD)    
NoiseBlock Soundproofing Glass Door RD 65 Glass 65 Reduction Difference (RD)    
Advanced Acoustics Soundproofing & Acoustic Door STC 40 MMC 65 Sound Transmission Class (STC)    
Advanced Acoustics Soundproofing & Acoustic Door STC 55 MMC 65 Sound Transmission Class (STC)    
Advanced Acoustics Soundproofing & Acoustic Door STC 65 MMC 65 Sound Transmission Class (STC)    

Acoustic Doors & Glass Wall
STC 65 Fire Reisistant
The STC Wall System is the peferct choice for balcony installations to prevent unwanted noise entering the home.

Absorbtion Density Rating
(ADR) 2/10
Acoustic Glass Door
STC 40 Timber Glass Door
This panel is the 2nd in the range of panels and is 80mm thickness to offer improved sound absorption.

The panel is suitable also for bass reflection issues and can be also used as a bass trap.
Absorbtion Density Rating
(ADR) 5/10
Acoustic Timber Door
STC 50 TImber Door
The NoiseBlock Polycoustic tile is one of the most cost effective and flexible acoustic tiles on the market.
IIt offers good sound absorption and can be used to create expressive design features.
Absorbtion Density Rating
(ADR) 4/10
Acoustic Conference Room Door Systems
STC 65 Door & Glass
The NoiseBlock Polycoustic 20mm panel is comparable to RPG and various other brands on the market but at a much thiner and lighter weight.
The cost is more than conventional panels but its worth the difference.
Absorbtion Density Rating
(ADR) 6/10